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Many times we wonder why the situations around us change simply because we are relying on the people around us to change. But being aware of our own actions and behaviors is one of the key tools to change not only ourselves, but our surroundings. We must be aware of what communication we are putting out there and how our behaviors can affect others.

When creating social groups, it is important to make sure that they are diverse. Compiling a diverse group takes time. It is necessary to choose people with diverse cultures, skills, backgrounds, and strengths. These differences will make the team stronger. Only choosing like-minded people will weaken the group and stifle creativity. Diversity builds knowledge and challenges the group to grow. When choosing a diverse group, you need to focus on the skills that will benefit the group. For example, a group could benefit from mixing people with academic understanding of a subject and others who have real world application. It is also beneficial to blend people from different levels within the same organization. 

At MLE Academy, we share some of the business and leadership fundamentals that are equally important in the “real” world, but that are rarely learned at business school.

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