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Appreciative Inquiry Certification

Course Duration: 12 hours - Requisition: 28 days

Organizations can be thought of as living beings made up of the individuals working within it. Appreciative Inquiry has the ability to change the whole organization by changing the people. Through positive questioning people will be directed to move in a positive direction. Recognizing the strengths and values of what works as opposed to what's wrong will transform the individuals and thus transform the organization.

Appreciative Inquiry is a shift from looking at problems and deficiencies and instead focusing on strengths and successes. It is a tool for organizational change and it will strengthen relationships. Who doesn't like to share good positive stories and events? Think about it.

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

The definition of appreciative inquiry is the ability to recognize the best in people and utilizing those strengths to discover new possibilities and results. Appreciative inquiry focuses on positive thinking and expresses ideas and opinions to reach an end result. What does that mean for you or your business? Appreciative inquiry in the workplace encourages employees to think positively, which in turn helps them to overcome their own negative thoughts to work harder and reach their own goals for better productivity.

Career Pathway 

  • Family Business Owner
  • Consultant & Business Advisor
  • Management
  • HR 
  • Franchise Owner
  • Small Business Owner
  • Solutions Manager
  • Strategic Development Officer
  • Manufacturer Executive


  • Case Study
  • Multiple choice questions quiz


  • Gain quality workplace skills and experience to help launch your career.
  • Develop work-related skills and experiences that are recognized by employers. 
  • Develop independence and confidence in an adult learning environment. 
  • Gain an insight into various industry areas to help you decide on a career pathway. 
  • Potentially gain recognition for prior learning for your previous study or work.
  • High-quality course written by industry experts with easy to understand course content
  • Course materials provided online with unlimited tutor support – no textbooks to buy
  • Gain an Australian Certificate upon your successful completion of coursework (Certificate hard copy will be posted to you)
  • Course may be tax deductible - see your tax advisor

Workshop Objectives:

  •  Know the meaning of appreciative inquiry
  • Think in positive terms and avoid thinking negatively
  • Encourage others to think positively
  • Recognize positive attributes in people
  • Create positive imagery
  • Manage and guide employees in a positive environment

Course Contents

Workplace Essentials

Module One: Getting Started

Coursework Objectives


Module Two: Introducing Appreciative Inquiry

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Generating a Better Future

Engaging People in Positive Thought

Change the Person, Change the Organization

Case Study

Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Changing the Way You Think

Shifting from “What’s Wrong?” to “What’s Right?”

It’s Not Eliminating Mistakes-It’s Holding up Successes

Positive Language Will Affect People’s Thinking

Limit or Remove Negative Phrasing

Case Study

Module Three: Review Questions.

Module Four: Four D Model





Case Study

Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Four I Model 





Case Study

Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Appreciative Inquiry Interview Style

Framing Positive Questions

Solicit Positive Stories

Finding What Works

Recognize the Reoccurring Themes

Case Study

Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Anticipatory Reality

Imagining a Successful Future Will Affect the Present

Controlling Negative Anticipation

Current Decisions Will Be Influenced Positively

Base It on Data and Real Examples

Case Study

Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: The Power of Positive Imagery

Shaping Performance with Positive Imagery

Being Better Prepared for Adversity

People are More Flexible and Creative

Think of the Perfect Situation

Case Study

Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Influencing Change Through Appreciative Inquiry

Using Strengths to Solve Challenges

Confidence Will Promote Positive Change

Inquiry is a Seed of Change

People Will Gravitate Towards What is Expected of Them

Case Study

Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Coaching and Managing With Appreciative Inquiry

Build Around What Works

Focus on Increases

Recognize the Best in People

Limit or Remove Negative Comments

Case Study

Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Creating a Positive Core


Best Practices

Peak Experiences


Case Study

Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module 01
    • Appreciative Inquiry Getting Started
  • 2
    Module 02
    • Appreciative Inquiry Introducing Appreciative Inquiry
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 02
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 02 Quiz
  • 3
    Module 03
    • Appreciative Inquiry Changing the Way You Think
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 03
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 03 Quiz
  • 4
    Module 04
    • Appreciative Inquiry Four D Model
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 04
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 04 Quiz
  • 5
    Module 05
    • Appreciative Inquiry Four I Model
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 05
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 05 Quiz
  • 6
    Module 06
    • Appreciative Inquiry Interview Style
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 06
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 06 Quiz
  • 7
    Module 07
    • Appreciative Inquiry Anticipatory Reality
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 07
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 07 Quiz
  • 8
    Module 08
    • Appreciative Inquiry The Power of Positive Imagery
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 08
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 08 Quiz
  • 9
    Module 09
    • Appreciative Inquiry Influencing Change Through Appreciative Inquiry
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 09
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 09 Quiz
  • 10
    Module 10
    • Appreciative Inquiry Coaching and Managing With Appreciative Inquiry
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 10
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 10 Quiz
  • 11
    Module 11
    • Appreciative Inquiry Creating a Positive Core
    • Appreciative Inquiry Case Study Module 11
    • Appreciative Inquiry Module 11 Quiz
  • 12
    Module 12
    • Appreciative Inquiry Wrapping Up
  • 13
    Rate Appreciative Inquiry Course
    • Rate Appreciative Inquiry Course

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