Contract Management Coursework


Contract Management Certification

Course Duration: 12 hours - Requisition: 28 days

It is easy to overlook the importance of contract management because it seems to be a boring, mundane topic.  Contracts, however,  are the basis of most business relationships. If contracts are managed well, business relationship will flourish. If they are  not, companies face financial loss, relationship harm, and damaged reputations.

With our “Contract Management” coursework, participants will discover the specifics of how contract management works and how to effectively source agents.

Career Pathway 

  • Family Business Owner
  • Company Executive
  • Consultant & Business Advisor
  • Focus Group Analyst
  • Franchise Owner
  • Inventor
  • Patent Attorney
  • Small Business Owner
  • Solutions Manager
  • Strategic Development Officer
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Manufacturer Executive


  • Case Study
  • Multiple choice questions quiz


  • Gain quality workplace skills and experience to help launch your career.
  • Develop work-related skills and experiences that are recognized by employers. 
  • Develop independence and confidence in an adult learning environment. 
  • Gain an insight into various industry areas to help you decide on a career pathway. 
  • Potentially gain recognition for prior learning for your previous study or work.
  • High-quality course written by industry experts with easy to understand course content
  • Course materials provided online with unlimited tutor support – no textbooks to buy
  • Gain an Australian Certificate upon your successful completion of coursework (Certificate hard copy will be posted to you)
  • Course may be tax deductible - see your tax advisor

 Coursework Objective:

  • Identify contract elements
  • Understand ethical contract management
  • Calculate value
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Create basic amendments

Course Contents

Human Resources

Module One: Getting Started

Coursework Objectives

Module Two: Defining Contract Management

What is Contract Management?

Contract Types

Contract Elements

Risks of Poor Contract Management

Case Study

Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Legal and Ethical Contract Management

Contract Law I

Contract Law II

Defining Ethical Contract Management

Ethical Breaches

Case Study

Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Contract Management Requests

Choosing Potential Bidders

RFPs and Technology

Calculating Value

Making a Choice

Case Study

Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: How to Create a Contract

Templates and Software



Risks of Noncompliance

Case Study

Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Contract Negotiations

Be Prepared

Prioritize Terms

Remain Professional

Execute the Contract

Case Study

Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Assess Performance

What Performance Can Be Assessed

Creating Metrics

Measuring Performance

Improving Performance

Case Study

Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Relationships

Qualities of Effective Relationships

Relationship Pitfalls

Building Trust

Maintaining Relationships

Case Study

Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Amending Contracts

Redlines and Strikeouts

Replacing Clauses

Describing Amendments

Amendment Status

Case Study

Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Conducting Audits

Why Audit?


Establishing Procedures

Investigate and Report

Case Study

Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Renewing Contracts

Involve Stakeholders


Check for Accuracy and Changes

Update or Cancel

Case Study

Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

Course curriculum

  • 1
    License Agreement
    • Mobile Learning Express (MLE) License Agreement
  • 2
    Module 01
    • Contract Management Getting Started
  • 3
    Module 02
    • Contract Management Defining Contract Management
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 02
    • Contract Management Module 02 Quiz
  • 4
    Module 03
    • Contract Management Legal and Ethical Contract Management
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 03
    • Contract Management Module 03 Quiz
  • 5
    Module 04
    • Contract Management Contract Management Requests
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 04
    • Contract Management Module 04 Quiz
  • 6
    Module 05
    • Contract Management How to Create a Contract
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 05
    • Contract Management Module 05 Quiz
  • 7
    Module 06
    • Contract Management Contract Negotiations
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 06
    • Contract Management Module 06 Quiz
  • 8
    Module 07
    • Contract Management Assess Performance
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 07
    • Contract Management Module 07 Quiz
  • 9
    Module 08
    • Contract Management Relationships
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 08
    • Contract Management Module 08 Quiz
  • 10
    Module 09
    • Contract Management Amending Contracts
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 09
    • Contract Management Module 09 Quiz
  • 11
    Module 10
    • Contract Management Conducting Audits
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 10
    • Contract Management Module 10 Quiz
  • 12
    Module 11
    • Contract Management Renewing Contracts
    • Contract Management Case Study Module 11
    • Contract Management Module 11 Quiz
  • 13
    Module 12
    • Contract Management Wrapping Up
  • 14
    Rate Contract Management Course
    • Rate Contract Management Course

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