Presentation Skills Coursework


Presentation Skills Certification

Course Duration: 12 hours - Requisition: 28 days

Presentation Skills Coursework

Many studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear amongst most people, outranking flying, snakes, insects, and even death. Ironically, it is also one of the skills that can make or break a person’s career. Participants will be provided a strong set of skills that will complement their current presentation skill set.

The Presentation Skills coursework will give participants some presentation skills that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable. This coursework includes topics that participants can look forward to including: creating a compelling program, using various types of visual aids, and engaging the audience.

Career Pathway

  • Relationship Manager
  • Human Resource Advisor
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Event Organizer
  • Technical & Soft Skills Trainer
  • Manager & HR


  • Case Study
  • Multiple choice questions quiz


  • Gain quality workplace skills and experience to help launch your career.
  • Develop work-related skills and experiences that are recognized by employers. 
  • Develop independence and confidence in an adult learning environment. 
  • Gain an insight into various industry areas to help you decide on a career pathway. 
  • Potentially gain recognition for prior learning for your previous study or work.
  • High-quality course written by industry experts with easy to understand course content
  • Course materials provided online with unlimited tutor support – no textbooks to buy
  • Australian Certificate issued and hard copy posted for your CV
  • Course may be tax deductible - see your tax advisor

Coursework Objectives:

  • Perform a needs analysis and prepare an outline
  • Select presentation delivery methods
  • Practice verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Knock down nervousness
  • Develop and use flip charts with color
  • Create targeted PowerPoint presentations
  • Utilize white boarding for reinforcement
  • Describe how video and audio enhance a presentation and list criteria for determining what types to use
  • Enrich the learning experience with humor, questions, and discussion

Course Contents

Sales and Marketing

Module One: Getting Started

Coursework Objectives

Module Two: Creating the Program

Performing a Needs Analysis

Writing the Basic Outline

Researching, Writing, and Editing

Module Two: Case Study

Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Choosing Your Delivery Methods

Basic Methods

Advanced Methods

Basic Criteria to Consider

Module Three: Case Study

Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Verbal Communication Skills

Listening and Hearing: They Aren’t the Same Thing

Asking Questions

Communicating with Power

Module Four: Case Study

Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Body Language


The Signals You Send to Others

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Module Five: Case Study

Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Overcoming Nervousness

Preparing Mentally

Physical Relaxation Techniques

Appearing Confident in Front of the Crowd

Module Six: Case Study

Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Creating Fantastic Flip Charts

Required Tools

The Advantages of Pre-Writing

Using Colors Appropriately

Creating a Plan B

Module Seven: Case Study

Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations

Required Tools

Tips and Tricks

Creating a Plan B

Module Eight: Case Study

Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Wow ‘Em with the Whiteboard

Traditional and Electronic Whiteboards

Using Colors Appropriately

Creating a Plan B

Module Nine: Case Study

Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio

Required Tools

Tips and Tricks

Creating a Plan B

Module Ten: Case Study

Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Pumping it Up a Notch

Make Them Laugh a Little

Ask Them a Question

Encouraging Discussion

Dealing with Questions

Module Eleven: Case Study

Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Words from the Wise

Course curriculum

  • 1
    MODULE 01
    • Presentation Skills Getting Started
  • 2
    MODULE 02
    • Presentation Skills Creating the Program
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 02
    • Presentation Skills Module 02 Quiz
  • 3
    MODULE 03
    • Presentation Skills Choosing Your Delivery Methods
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 03
    • Presentation Skills Module 03 Quiz
  • 4
    MODULE 04
    • Presentation Skills Verbal Communication Skills
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 04
    • Presentation Skills Module 04 Quiz
  • 5
    MODULE 05
    • Presentation Skills Non-Verbal Communication Skills
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 05
    • Presentation Skills Module 05 Quiz
  • 6
    MODULE 06
    • Presentation Skills Overcoming Nervousness
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 06
    • Presentation Skills Module 06 Quiz
  • 7
    MODULE 07
    • Presentation Skills Creating Fantastic Flip Charts
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 07
    • Presentation Skills Module 07 Quiz
  • 8
    MODULE 08
    • Presentation Skills Creating Compelling PowerPoint Presentations
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 08
    • Presentation Skills Module 08 Quiz
  • 9
    MODULE 09
    • Presentation Skills Wow ‘Em with the Whiteboard
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 09
    • Presentation Skills Module 09 Quiz
  • 10
    MODULE 10
    • Presentation Skills Vibrant Videos and Amazing Audio
    • Presentation Skills Case Study 10
    • Presentation Skills Module 10 Quiz
  • 11
    MODULE 11
    • Presentation Skills Pumping it Up a Notch
    • Presentation Skills Case Study Module 11
    • Presentation Skills Module 11 Quiz
  • 12
    MODULE 12
    • Presentation Skills Wrapping Up
  • 13
    Presentation Skills eBook
    • Presentation Skills eBook
  • 14
    Rate Presentation Skills Course
    • Rate Presentation Skills Course

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