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Ray Kerkmez

About Ray Kerkmez

Ray Kerkmez has in-depth experience in the Corporate, Commercial and Retail sectors including franchise disputes, and this has given him a deep and penetrating knowledge of problems that can arise for business people which enables him to understand the issues in Commercial Disputes so that he can assist parties to reach a resolution of the issues in a dispute while eliminating the need to waste time, money and resources fighting it out in court. His major milestones include accountability for a broad range of business and legal functions, capturing problem related issues, facilitating smooth-running operations and achieving long-term growth objectives.

  • Successfully worked on many small and multi-million dollars deals negotiated affiliate contracts worldwide, establishing operational excellence within culturally diverse environments, developed and implemented policies and strategies and overhauled and combined agreements and processes.
  • Successful in mediating matters related to Corporate, Commercial, Retail & Franchise that comprise private and institutional investors, debt-holders and investment bankers.
  • The fundamental strength of Ray Kerkmez’ practice addresses and solves challenges, by first understanding the client’s distinct situation, and then offering comprehensive strategies tailored to address each client’s unique requirements.
  • A skilled tactician, negotiator, conciliator and deal maker successful at capturing cost reductions, facilitating smooth-running operations and achieving long-term growth objectives.
  • Unique blend of expertise. Skilled at dealing with property owners, investors, bankers and engineering consultants.
  • Critical Thinker, successful at building corporate value and leading a sophisticated manufacturing and service organization.
  • Effective decision making under unfavorable conditions.
  • Proficient in all four levels of Core FPD Competencies.


Completed Postgraduate Studies at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and has been admitted to the degree of:

  • Master of Laws (LLM) completing a Double Major in:
  • International Law and Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Master of Dispute Resolution (MDR)

Other Studies

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Fulfilled the requirements for BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management.
  • Fulfilled the requirements for TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.
  • Philosophical Ethics (University of Sydney).
  • IT & eCommerce (University of Sydney).
  • Successfully completed the requirements for the Advanced Collaborative Practice at UTS
  • Mediation studies and has been Accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System.


  • Globalization and International Economic Law (High Distinction)
  • Crisis Negotiation (High Distinction)
  • Competition Law in a Global Context (Distinction)
  • Dispute Resolution in Commerce (Distinction)
  • Dispute Resolution in Civil Practice (Distinction)

Independent Coursework Achieved through studies and Creation

  • 200+

Research Papers Written

  • Globalization & International Economic Law
  • Conflict in the Middle East
  • Ethics
  • Dispute Resolution in Commerce
  • International Human Rights
  • Philosophy
  • Competition Law in a Global Context
  • Role of Economics in Competition Law
  • Postmodern Ethics
  • Negotiation
  • Crisis Negotiation
  • Metaphor in Mediation
  • Management Skills
  • ADR In the Context of (WTO), (GATT), (FTA) & (RTA)
  • Dispute Resolution in Civil Practice
  • Workplace Dispute Resolution
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Socio-Legal Research
  • Legal Writing
  • Literature Review
  • Comparative Approach Law
  • Family Dispute Resolution
  • Using Mediation in Workplace Dispute
  • Mediation

Membership and Organization

  • International Association of Coaching (IAC)
  • Association for Coaching (AC)
  • International Ombudsman Association (IOA)
  • Resolution Institute – Combining LEADR and IAMA
  • Law Council of Australia (LCA)
  • Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc.
  • The Royal Society of New South Wales
  • Professional Affiliate Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Experience and Contribution

  • Strategic planning based on analysis including political, economic, social and technological, i.e. (PEST) analysis and (SWOT) analysis
  • Plan courses in consultation with the staff, arrange course timetables and coordinate and supervise teaching assistants to conduct classes
  • Provide professional consultative services to government and industry
  • Responsible for choosing the syllabus and the books that are suitable for each learning level
  • Keep tracking of the students’ progress
  • Develop and maintain job descriptions and KPIs
  • Develop and maintain position profiles
  • Apply staff selection processes using interviewing techniques
  • Develop training plans for staff to meet identified skill gaps
  • Identify suitable sources of training support
  • Arrange training programs to reduce skill gaps for all staff
  • Agree on KPIs with each staff member
  • Plan and maintain review dates and data collection to enable performance management
  • Set appropriate remuneration levels for job accountabilities
  • Initiate incentive schemes using KPIs that are within the control of staff
  • Research and write a syllabus which covers everything to be taught in a course
  • Interpret training packages, prepare lessons and produce resources such as typed notes, diagrams, demonstrations and model patterns for use in teaching
  • Teach students in classrooms or workshops, providing theory and practical training through lectures, discussions, practical demonstrations and supervision
  • Assess students by setting and marking exams and assignments and evaluating completed projects
  • Assess students and staff members of the contracted industries to make sure that resources written addresses their needs
  • Counsel and advise students with career and pathway to further education, and refer them to counsellors if needed
  • Attend meetings and liaise with the community and industry to address gabs skilling for their staff

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